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Sleep Services (4months+)

Are you completely exhausted? Barely functioning? Little You is here to help you with your child’s sleep concerns by creating a plan that is specifically fit for your family, because there is no such thing as a plan that works for everybody.

Quick Sleep Information Session

1 hour phone call


We will chat about your baby or child’s sleep based on the intake form you fill out, discuss what is currently happening, and I will offer tips and tricks and guide you in the right direction.


There will be no sleep plan or follow- up but you will get a detailed description of what we spoke about throughout our consultation for you to look back on at any point. 

Is this for you?


This package is perfect for you if something different is happening after already sleep training and you just want to set your child on the right path again. Also, maybe you know the basics and just want some guidance and to be pointed in the right direction. With this option, you will get all of your questions answered!

Most Popular Sleep Package

1 hour phone call + 2 weeks support


This information session is all about your child’s sleep concerns after the age of 4 months based on the intake form you fill out. After our call, you will receive a customized sleep plan and 2 weeks of follow-up support through calls/ texts and our online sleep log that allows us both to track the changes that are happening and keep up-to-date with one another. You are not alone in this and you will have so much support along the way!


Upgrade to an in-home consultation for a total price of $550 (for clients in the Greater Toronto Area) *A mileage charge will apply if distance over 50km*

Is this for you?

This package is perfect for you if...

-More support is needed and you want to make sure your goal is successful

-You want SUCCESS and with success, you know that accountability is key!

-You want your child out of your bed

-You want your child to sleep through the night (10-12 hours)

-You want to enjoy your evening while your child is getting the sleep they need in order to thrive

-You want your child to fall asleep within 10 minutes

My 2 year old daughter used to wake up 5 times a night and now she is sleeping right through as well as putting herself to sleep!

  • Krista B

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