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Prenatal/ Newborn Information Call

Bringing a newborn home is such an exciting yet exhausting time. To help you feel more prepared, Little You is here to offer you support in knowing what your newborn’s sleep entails and how to set your baby up for sleep success. You can let us know exactly which aspects of newborn sleep you would like to discuss in detail if you wish ! We just want to make sure you get all of your questions answered from a consultant who truly cares about your newborn's sleep success in the years to come!

1 hour phone call


Imagine never having to sleep train and being able to prevent future sleep issues with your child? This information session will be entirely based on your infant up to 16 weeks old.


We will chat about how you can set up a healthy foundation for sleep from the very beginning and what you can expect during this time. This also includes a detailed description of what we spoke about throughout our consultation so that you have it to refer to at any point along with any other resources that can be beneficial to you to support you during this time!

Is this for you?

This consultation is perfect for you if...

-You are pregnant or your child is under 3 months of age

-Your newborn won't sleep anywhere but in your arms

-You want to enjoy the newborn stage

-You want to avoid the massive sleep deprivation that parents always talk about

This package also makes for a great baby shower gift! Gift cards are available upon request.

Upgrade to add 5 emails of support

(use within 12 weeks of the birth of your child) for a total price of $180

All I wanted to educate myself about was how to develop good habits from the very beginning as I knew that down the road, I did not want any problems with my families sleep being affected. This consultation offered me exactly what I wanted to know and more.

  • Lisa E

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