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The Effects of the Lockdown and Tips to Help

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

There’s no question that this pandemic could have an effect on your child’s sleep, behaviour, and mental health. With the lockdown comes uncertainty, and children thrive through predictability and routine.

During the lockdown, your child might be experiencing:

- Difficulty sleeping independently

- Not enough physical or mental activity

- Increased separation anxiety

- Changes in mood

- Lack of energy/ motivation

- Decreased melatonin due to screen use

- Increased anxiety

- Difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep

- Bedtime power struggles

- Increased challenging behaviour throughout the day

Sleep is so important for your child. Studies have shown that children who get the amount of sleep that they need show improved attention, learning, memory, behaviour and overall mental and physical health. Sleep disruptions can influence a child's mood and ability to regulate their own emotions.

Here are a few quick tips…

- Spend quality 1:1 time with your child without any external distractions for even short periods of time throughout the day

- Get them outside or doing daily physical activity

- Create a schedule

- Support independent sleep through supportive/ gradual changes

- Have a predictable bedtime routine

-Support your child’s feelings and emotions through calming strategies. It is important to validate their emotions through the process

- Limit screens at least 1 hour before bed

- Help your child stay connected to friends

- Have a consistent bedtime and wake time

If you need support with your child’s sleep or overall challenging behaviour, please reach out to us and we will find a package and level of support that is right for you.

Stay safe and well!

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