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The information provided on this website is not implied nor is intended to be an alternative for professional medical advice. It is advised to always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider in regards to any questions you may have regarding the health and welfare of your baby, toddler or child.


This website may offer links to other educational sources but the owner of this site has no responsibility for the content of the other sites and the owner will not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content.


The owner of this website will use rational effort to incorporate up-to-date and accurate information but makes warranties, representations, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information provided. The owner of this website will not be liable for any injuries or damages caused from your access to, or inability to access this particular internet site, or from your dependence on any of the information provided on this website.




The materials of this website are copyrighted by Little You. All information from this website is owned and controlled by Little You and is protected by worldwide copyright laws. Downloading the content is only permitted for your personal use and non-commercial purposes without any reformation or further replica of the content being permitted. The content on this website shall not be copied or used without written permission from Little You, which includes any images, audio, video and text.


All materials are provided for non-commercial personal use only. This website is created by Little You for your own personal education and communication.


Privacy Policy


Little You is a consulting service to specifically help parents with their sleep and behaviour concerns in regards to their children. Any personal information that is given to us be in trust and confidence of any visitors to this website. Please note that Little You does not share any of your personal information with any others without your written consent. All information shared with us will be kept on Little You’s Google drive and will be used specifically for the use of providing consulting services. In the event that you provide formal consent through the intake form, Little You may consult your medical professional for the purpose of the consulting services.


You are permitted to view, change or delete any of your personal information that you provide to us. Please kindly email with your request.


This privacy policy was reviewed on February 12th 2020 and will be evaluated every 6 months.



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