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Behaviour Consultation (Up to 6 years)

As a parent, you may be faced with certain behaviour challenges that are much more complicated than you might have ever expected. If you are looking to discuss your child's behaviour concerns and your child's development, you have come to the right place! Little You has the tools you need to deal with your concerns.

1 hour phone call


We will chat about the basics of behaviour management based on the intake form you fill out and I will offer lots of tips and tricks as well as a detailed description of the consultation so that you have it to refer to at any point.


 Upgrading to more support is possible with this package (listed below).

We offer support with..

Dealing with tantrums

Developing play skills

Sibling rivalry

Picky eating

Improving communication

Speaking so children will listen

Fostering independence in daily routines

Dealing with aggressive behaviour

And many more… Please contact us if you are not sure if we offer exactly what you are looking for!

Is this for you?

This package is perfect for you if...

-You want tips and tricks to deal with your situation as well as troubleshoot as a team with some follow-up chats on what can be done moving forward

-You are exhausted from the constant battles with your child

-Are at your whit's end and you just want to enjoy your children again


Please note that depending on your situation, you may be referred out to another professional/ specialist.

Upgrade to add 5 emails of support to be used after our consultation.

Total price: $180

It was so nice to speak to a professional who knows her stuff and not have to deal with overwhelming Google searches. Thanks to Jenna, we no longer have to deal with my little ones horrible tantrums. Im so thankful to have peaceful mornings and overall less power struggles.

  • Nina. M

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