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A little bit about myself...

Hi ! I’m Jenna..


Let me guess. You are completely drained. Your child isn’t sleeping or there is something you wish you could change in terms of their behaviour.


You might be overwhelmed by those constant Google searches with a TON of controversial information. Maybe you don’t want to take advice from family and friends or the advice given to you never seems to work.

As a sleep and behaviour expert, I work with parents who are struggling with the most common challenges that come with parenting; behaviour and sleep. Just a few examples of ways I can be of help to your family is by addressing…

  •  Picky Eaters

  •  Aggressive Behaviours

  •  Sleeping through the night

  •  Night feedings

  •  Nap Transitions


& many...MANY more !! 

  • Early Childhood Educator 

  • Child Development Specialist

  • Resource Consultant (Children with special needs)

  • Pediatric Sleep Consultant

As a coach, I want you to spend more positive quality time with your family rather than dealing with the every day challenges that may feel never ending.

I believe that every child and family is different. I combine the science of sleep with your parenting style and beliefs to create the perfect plan, fit just for you. In regards to behaviour, I combine evidence based strategies, my experience in working with families for over 10 years, and lastly, your current situation, to develop a list of tools and strategies you can use for your specific child.


My behaviour and sleep support for ‘Little You’ is completely confidential and judge- free, all from the comfort of your own home! Throughout my entire book of business, I have helped countless families with their concerns.

Helping families with any child development related questions has always been my passion and I truly understand that parenting is the most difficult, yet rewarding thing you will do in your life. I also understand how hard it is to manage a balanced life, work and children.

Are you curious about what my wonderful clients have said about my services? Check out the Home Tab. Shorter reviews are also throughout my services pages.

If you are ready to make positive changes toward your child’s behaviour or sleep, head on over to the Work With Me tab. I offer a variety of services to fit your needs. I also offer a free 15 minute introductory call in order to get to know more about your situation and discuss how I can help you.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Jenna Chiaramida


My Philosophy

As a behaviour and sleep specialist, I believe in..

  • A firm yet loving approach to parenting that doesn’t involve spanking or threats.

  • Having a secure bond with your child will set them up for later success in life and having the tools to deal with your child’s behaviour can prevent future problems.

  • Sleep is essential to an overall healthy lifestyle for both you and the rest of your family.

  • Learning to deal with your parenting concerns is important in so many ways; your relationship with your child, your marriage, and most of all, your sanity!

  • Each family is unique and presents a different set of challenges. I believe in catering to each family’s specific needs and different circumstances by troubleshooting along the way and working as a team.

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