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Nurturing Your Child's Development!

Ages 0-6 Years

Little You supports parents with the most common challenges that involve being a parent; sleep and behaviour. Our private consultations are tailored towards your unique situation and we offer gentle and supportive strategies.


No matter where you are located around the globe, we are here to guide you down the correct path towards reaching your parenting goals.

Trusted by pediatricians nationwide


Petra and Steve S.

Parents of 4 year old

Zaven and Rachael M

Parents of 2 year old

Maddison and Kyle M.

Parents of 1 year old

“Jenna was great. From her initial contact through the whole process she was very professional and we could tell she really wanted to help us and our daughter. Our initial call was great. she worked with our schedule (which is busy as a lot of them are ) and our initial conversation made my wife and I very confident that she could help.


She gave us a sleep plan that both fit our needs and our parenting style. The Silent return coupled with an earlier bed time has made all the difference! Our daughter has been a very fussy sleeper her whole life. We spent most of the first 18 months with one of us sleeping with her on our chest because it was the only way she would sleep. Then it was in our bed - with her jammed up against one of us. It made for very restless nights. For the first time she has spent the last two weeks in her own bed and is getting more sleep than ever. She is actually asking to go to bed and really trying to follow the sleep rules.  She wakes up much happier and her behaviour has improved markedly.


We can't thank her enough for the help and guidance. It has made all the difference.”


-Petra and Steve S 

"Jenna was awesome! Our almost two-year old son needed either my wife or myself to be in his room with him to soothe him to sleep each night. Jenna gave us pointers on re-arranging his bedroom and implementing other tools to help his bedroom become less of a play area and more of a place of calm and structured for sleep.


Unfortunately, our son was fighting the flu when Jenna started to work with us. Jenna modified her original plan for Noah which my wife and I did until he was feeling better. Once he was back to himself again, we continued with Jenna's original plan of No Involvement.


Noah goes to bed much easier now. Morning are still a bit rough as I get up very early for work but we've seen much improvement from when we've started. 


Jenna's guidance, advice, and attention to our family has made a difference in our son's sleep for the betterment of him and our family.


Thank you, Jenna!"

- Zaven and Rachael M

"To start I’m just going to say how thankful I am that Jenna came into our home to help with everyone not sleeping well, because of our 14 month old. He didn’t nap during the day and he didn’t sleep in his crib at night so we got maybe 4 hours of sleep at night.


After sitting down and talking about the different methods to help get him sleeping better and in his own room and because of his stubbornness, we picked the method that we as a family and Jenna thought would be best. After about a day and a half, we got to sleep. Now after our 2 weeks with Jenna he sleeps though the night without any problems and has two naps a day.


Any questions we had, she was quick to answer. It was absolutely one of the best decisions we have made and I’m so thankful".

-Thanks so much again, Maddison & Kyle

 Video Testimonial from Emily

-Mom of 3

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